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Nidra Sound Bath

Date/time: Sunday March 19th 11:30AM (1hr) Price: $40.00

Location: Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Richmond Hill 10856 Bayview Avenue  

Teether between waking and sleeping ~ A relaxing experience submersed in the healing vibrations of a guided Yoga Nidra Sound Bath. In this session the body is completely relaxed the practitioner turns the awareness inward by listening to a set of cues. Enjoy this relaxation practice while being immersed in the soothing sounds of crystal bowls, chimes and an ocean wave drum.

What to bring: Yoga mat, water, pillow or bolster and blanket (optional but highly recommended)

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Fables and Frequencies ~

A Storytelling & Sound Bath Experience 

By: Bri & Trish

Date/time: Sunday April 23rd 7:30PM (1hr) Price: $40.00

Location: Blossom and Tempest  928 Kingston Road

Enchanted by the healing frequencies of live soundscapes, this story-time will whisk you off into other worlds while helping you understand your own. This is a gathering place to rest, connect, and dream. From fables and myths, to poetry and children’s books all stories hold universal truth and the power to unite us. Cozy up and open your heart to the soothing tones of your inner wisdom. 

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Watercolour Expression & Soundscapes

Date/time: Sunday April 30th 2:00PM (1.5hr) Price: $45.00

Location: Lyfe Meditation Studio  998 Queen St East

When words aren’t enough to make sense of what’s happening in our inner world, we can explore other outlets to help express ourselves. Communicating our thoughts or feelings can be easier to do with images rather than with words.

In this 90 minute workshop, you’ll explore the depths within your self through the use of art and sound. This multi-sensory experience creates space for you to express yourself through a creative process. We will begin with introductions, a seated body relaxation exercise and some breath work. You’ll then be guided through prompts calling to mind visualizations that can be expressed through the use of water colours. As you paint, you’ll be bathed by sound, creating a soothing and relaxing environment to be at ease with yourself in this experience. A guided meditation and sharing circle with close out our time together.

Art supplies will be provided. No previous experience with water colouring necessary.

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