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Slow Medicine Company 

Move Slow + Sound Bath

May 19th

7:00PM (75mins)

Simple. Spacious. Clearing

A slow flow experience with a crystal singing bowl sound bath by Trisha Lanns. We begin the practice by focusing on the connection between breath + body and we end with restorative shapes wrapped up in gorgeous live tonal soundscapes.The slower transitions and restorative poses encourage mindfulness, resilience and tenderness.

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Blossom & Tempest 

Sound Bath Meditation

June 3rd

7:30PM (1hr)

This session is for you to feel at ease, supported, self-soothed and well rested. During this practice you will be guided through a meditation to improve focus, enhance self-awareness, deepen mental clarity, decrease stress while being immersed in the soothing sounds of crystal bowls, chimes and drums. Sound bath meditation is a lovely medicine putting you in a calmer state promoting healing and rest.

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