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Blossom + Tempest

Sound Bath Meditation

Feb 7th & 21st ~ March 7th 

7:30PM(45 min)

This session is for you to feel at ease, supported, self-soothed and well rested. During this practice you will be guided through a meditation to improve focus, enhance self-awareness, deepen mental clarity, decrease stress while being immersed in the soothing sounds of crystal bowls, chimes and drums. Sound bath meditation is a lovely medicine putting you in a calmer state promoting healing and rest.

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Lyfe Meditation Studio

Restorative Sound Bath

Feb 9th ~  March 9th

6:30PM (1 hr)

Surrender to the magical and mystic sounds of crystal bowls, ocean drums, and chimes. This 60 minute sound bath experience explores restorative shapes with gentle movement to enhance deep relaxation while being immersed in soothing sounds. Create a state of harmony, expanded awareness and balanced energy within. Suitable for all levels. Dress comfortably as this class incorporates movement.

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Slow Medicine Company

Move Slow + Sound Bath

Jan 29th ~ Feb 19th ~ March 19th

6:00PM (90 min)

Simple. Spacious. Clearing

We begin the practice by focusing on the connection between breath + body and we end with restorative shapes wrapped up in gorgeous live tonal soundscapes. The slower transitions and restorative poses encourage mindfulness, resilience and tenderness.


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