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Toronto Yoga Co

Restorative Yoga

Every 1st Wednesday of the month

8:15pm (1 hr)

This restorative yoga practice focuses on the connection between breath + body and explores restorative shapes to enhance deep relaxation. A practice that supports your innate ability to move towards a natural resting state to find balance and drop into your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest response). 


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Blossom & Tempest 

Sound Bath Meditation

December 4th

7:30PM (45 mins)

This session is for you to feel at ease, supported, self-soothed and well rested. During this practice you will be guided through a meditation to improve focus, enhance self-awareness, deepen mental clarity, decrease stress while being immersed in the soothing sounds of crystal bowls, chimes and drums. Sound bath meditation is a lovely medicine putting you in a calmer state promoting healing and rest.

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Slow Medicine Company 

Move Slow + Sound Bath

December 10th (Full)

January 14th  

6:30PM (75mins)

Simple. Spacious. Clearing

A slow flow experience with a crystal singing bowl sound bath by Trisha Lanns. We begin the practice by focusing on the connection between breath + body and we end with restorative shapes wrapped up in gorgeous live tonal soundscapes.The slower transitions and restorative poses encourage mindfulness, resilience and tenderness.

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Slow Medicine Company 

Watercolour Expression & Soundscapes

December 10th (Full)

January 27th  

3:00PM (90mins)

When words aren’t enough to make sense of what’s happening in our inner world, we can explore other outlets to help express ourselves. Communicating our thoughts or feelings can be easier to do with images rather than with words.

In this 90 minute workshop with Trisha Lanns, you’ll explore the depths within yourself through the use of art and sound. This multi-sensory experience creates space for you to express yourself through a creative process. We will begin with introductions, a seated body relaxation exercise and some breath work. You’ll then be guided through prompts calling to mind visualizations that can be expressed through the use of water colours. As you paint, you’ll be bathed by sound, creating a soothing and relaxing environment to be at ease with yourself in this experience. A guided meditation and sharing circle will close out our time together.

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