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Lyfe Meditation Studio

Sound Bath Meditation

August 10th 

6:30PM (1 hr)

Benefit from the vibrational healing properties of sacred sound. Surrender to the magical and mystic sounds of crystal bowls, ocean drums, and chimes. In this 60 minute sound bath meditation experience, you will be guided into a restorative shape, promoting healing and rest whilst being immersed in soothing sounds. A journey you will not soon forget. Suitable for all levels.

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Slow Medicine Company

A Storytelling & Sound Bath Experience

August 27th

6:00PM or 7:30PM(1hr)


Enchanted by the healing frequencies of live soundscapes, this story-time will whisk you off into other worlds while helping you understand your own. This is a gathering place to rest, connect, and dream. From fables and myths, to poetry and children’s books all stories hold universal truth and the power to unite us. Cozy up and open your heart to the soothing tones of your inner wisdom. 


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